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I am a “Social Entrepreneur”, “Relationship Marketer”, or “Network Marketing Professional” (Which ever you prefer). In other words, I recommend products to others that I find beneficial, desirable, that evoke positive emotional experiences and are easy to recommend to others.
Through a powerful partnership with a company that has already done the scientific research on the products, all the work to create websites, marketing tools, systems, and back office tracking system; it is possible for me to build a large network of consumers, sharers, and promoters.

My family and I also use this business as an educational platform for one another and to coach and mentor others to dream big, stop settling in life, and about self-reliance through entrepreneurship.

How do I make money? When a person in our network places an order, shares a product with others, (and they choose to place an order); we get paid.

This creates a “leveraged” income stream, which allows me to make a little bit of money, thru a lot of people, who are doing just a little bit. (Consuming and Sharing). This is how someone who only has a few hours per week to commit to the business, can still get great results.

The business is simple – but it is not easy. That means the skills you must learn are relatively easy. Applying them consistently and exercising patience is the difficult part. It is definitely not get rich quick (as many would have you believe), but it is get rich possible. Success in this business comes as a result of patience, persistence, personal development, and perseverance.

98% of the people who are involved in this industry do it part time, as a means to supplement their current income stream. The industry was initially founded upon struggling families who want to add an extra $500 – $1,000 per month in income, spouses who decide to stay at home with their children, GEN-Y’ers who understand the power of social media – and now the freedom that comes from earning money online; also with people just like I; and maybe you, who believe that Entrepreneurship is the new retirement plan.

Like any business you will be required to learn a new set of skills, to step outside your comfort level, and to be consistent over a long enough period of time for exponential growth to kick in.

Many people choose not to get involved because of their fear of rejection, or they do not like sales. While it is true that someone purchasing a product is the driving force of this model, excellent “selling” skills in the traditional sense; is not required to be successful. In fact, those who bring the salesmanship knowledge of this industry typically don’t last.

The most successful people are always the best educators. (That’s why teachers are so great at this business). The major responsibility of a networker is to make sure that those who desire to learn more, have enough information to make a well informed decision.

Network marketing is not for everyone, but can be extremely challenging and a rewarding experience, for those who truly commit to the process. It has been said that to succeed you should “marry the process and divorce yourself from the results.”

At the end of the day, this industry really is about serving, not selling; who you become in the process, and who you help along the way. The money is a by-product of those things.

If you would like to explore this amazing industry and what it can offer you, get in touch with me and I, or any of my wonderful teammates around the world and stay plugged in as we take this journey together.

*Special Credit and Thanks To My Friend and Colleague, Travis Flaherty for making this clear and apparent.

Just remember that as long as you help everyone, that is willing to let you help them; get everything that they NEED, you will ultimately get more than you can ever WANT!

Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday… LET’S GO!

Talk to you soon!

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