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…Simply put, “I just wanted to experience more, something else than what I was seeing and experiencing in my everyday life!”

I have found that it is very difficult to do anything in this world, if you don’t have a reason why you are doing something. Without a reason for doing something, nothing gets done. Let’s face it, sometimes it is even hard to do something WHEN you have a good reason. Throughout my life, as well as you I am sure, have dealt with a lot of  “heartache and pain”. I have my degree from the University of Hard Knocks; I believe, I even graduated Magna Cum Laude.

It was because of these reasons, along with lots or 80’s TV shows, that motivated me. Don’t laugh, it’s true. 375025_10201263612262163_420278080_nGrowing up where I did was dangerous and the safest place for me was in front of a TV growing up. Shows like Silver Spoons and Different Strokes, help me dream. I got laughed at but I just believed that there had to be people who lived like that – not just on TV. I was never really in love with money, or things; I did have a healthy appreciation for what money could do and the respect it brought. I wanted more for my kids, my friends, family, and ultimately more for myself.

I can remember growing up in Columbia, SC; living in government housing and receiving public assistance, when we had to have to stand in line for generic groceries and being looked at and talked down to by people who were there to help. Saying things like, “…these poor people should just go and get a job and they wouldn’t have to get handouts from us…” or “…some people have a place in society that they are born in and that is also where they will die…” Being a child I didn’t really understand completely all of that until I got older and served in the military that people came from all walks of life – I just didn’t know how to get what they had.

So once I got out of the Army, I got a college degree… 3 in fact! Worked for companies such as Microsoft, HP, Gateway, and Cannon. Then I was infected by this horrible illness called “Economitis Affectus” – I know that is not a real illness but when you get sick because your “401k” barely becomes a “k”, and you just wanna die because you are almost too old to rehire and too young to retire… trust me it is a feeling that can make you so sick that you just wanna die! Been there?

Fast forwarding to my Salvation in Christ, I have learned a lot from the mistakes of my past and look forward to preventing my children, family, or friends from making them. So I had to change the scenery and decided to see things in a different light.

I learned very soon after, that if there was something in life that I wanted, I first needed to check my motives about, “Why I wanted this “thing”? Then pray about it, and move in faith towards what I wanted after believing that is a good thing and something worthy to be desired.

The next obvious step was that I would HAVE to find people who had what I wanted; therefore, doing what they did, and saying what they said would get me what they got!

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is simple and there was a lot of personal development that needed to take place along the way. I completely understand that success is not a destination, but a journey.

We should always strive to continue further; knowing that we will never arrive.


I do what I do, to ‘Pay It Forward’. I want to give back and pour into as many people as I can, while I am here.

I have found that it truly is better to give than to receive, and that is not just a catchy saying.

Every single time that someone tells me that I have helped them in some small way to me, that made a major impact in their life; I am truly blessed.

I thank God everyday for allowing me to see Him use me as a tool, or a catalyst that brings about change in someone’s life; physically or financially.

I am here and I want to help you achieve what you can conceive, will you let me or will you let your fears outweigh your dreams?

Let’s make a believer out of others by first making a believer out of You. Just remember that:

“…A Goal Without A Plan, Is Only A Wish!


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  1. Raena Lynn


    I think your story is a true
    inspiration. I commend you for “digging yourself out of a default future.” I am
    touched and impressed with the path you chose to take. You created a new life
    and positioned yourself with what you needed to do to improve. I think what
    impresses me the most is your sincerity about abundance. I too remember
    Different Strokes and the affluence on television. I too didn’t seek to be “a millionaire”
    but I can relate to your attitude towards money and material things.

    “I was never really in love with
    money, or things; I did have a healthy appreciation for what money could do and
    the respect it brought. I wanted more for my kids, my friends, family, and
    ultimately more for myself.” This quote sums up my feelings perfectly.

    You recently showed at my blog and I
    appreciated your commentary. Our connection comes from TSA and I want to say
    that I am honored and blessed to meet someone who truly is of service to others
    by faith and sincerity. Blessings!

    Raena Lynn

    1. Anonymous

      I am honored to know you and all of TSA, we should pick up the phone and talk more…

  2. Chuck Bartok

    Appreciative of your Candor and Clear insight.
    Your success is obvious and you posses the ability to Understand WHO YOU ARE

  3. Tony Tate

    Sometimes it is good to go back and remember why you do what you do in the first place…

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