Why The Body By Vi Challenge™?

For the most part, I guess depending on who you are greatly depends on what you do. I’ve always been the kind of person that believes that you were not what someone calls you; only what you answer to.

I wasn’t someone who was supposed to really amount to anything, no matter how significant I desired to be. When you look at who some of my family were (and for the most part still is); the area where I grew up; and the lack of expectations that others had; there wasn’t anything that would indicate success to be had on any level.

Growing up in the south, I quickly realized that the food in my opinion was always the best!

However, as I got older, I realized it wasn’t always the best for you.

As I began to really get a hold of what “Soul Food” consisted of, I began to realize that it wasn’t a coincidence; the more I discovered the mortality and obesity rate of everyone that I knew in my family and surrounding areas, had everything to do with my culture.

Helping to get people healthy was just something I had to do. I had to share what I knew; almost to the point where I even lost sleep thinking about a few people who are unhealthy and just refused to make that change on their own.

I quickly understood there is a difference between doing something you’re supposed to do versus something you are called to do – or better yet calls you!


What you may not know is that I have BS/EE, BS/BIS; as well as an MBA in Technology Management. I have always had a computer since I was 9 years old, even writing my first program at age 11. So for me, going into a technical career is something that I was “supposed” to do.

I had the benefit of gaining unique wisdom of a matriarch, in my family. She shared that if God allowed me to take of space on this planet I needed to earn my keep; by helping enough people, in life, get everything they need; which in turn, would bring about everything I could ever truly want.

This would also allow me to make everyone’s life that I came in contact with better than I found them; which according to her, I should seek out to do.

I found, or rather an “OPPORTUNITY” found me; and when she knocked, praise God that I was crazy enough to believe it was my vehicle. I was bound and determined this vehicle would to be a tool to help – not a weapon to harm! It would allow me to change the reputation of my family name, my legacy, and uproot my family tree!

I have been placed in a system where anyone without prior experience can earn phenomenal income, by first helping hoards of people realize their potential for a better life physically and financially.

Whether that meant being an instrumental driving force in helping someone shed upwards of 85lbs and 4 medications, or coming up with a strategy to help someone earn income immediately – with a specific strategy to keep their car from being reposed and home out of foreclosure!

This vehicle, The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, has allowed me to do that. When I saw this fully, I had a decision to make. Quite frankly, it was a pretty easy decision to make once I really saw ViSalus Sciences for what the company had as a vision.

I recalled the lyrics from a song that asked, “…if you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything ever wanted, in one moment would you capture it, question it; or would you let it slip?”

For me, I jumped in the vehicle in ripped off the rear-view mirror, refusing to look back! Why? My past didn’t matter and where I was didn’t matter because I am ultimately still becoming who I am choosing to be.

All of this only makes sense; when you believe that you are worth it and you are ready to leave the past behind. When you know that you are worth it and know that you are ready…



Tony Tate

Your Champion Strategist,
with Winning Results!




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