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‘Tis The Season

So let me say that this article is not going to be for those people that may have already started celebrating Christmas and skipped Thanksgiving; with Christmas trees up, or various other decorations that speak towards the ideation or commercialization of Christmas, as opposed to what it was first meant to be.

There’s not anything wrong with that if that’s your thing. Don’t get me wrong; I ABSOLUTELY love ALL Christmas activities, spiritual or otherwise. You may just find me at any ugly Christmas sweater party; holding a glass of eggnog (loaded or otherwise); while singing my own karaoke version of the Boyz II Men song, “Let it snow”.

As for right now, I want to talk about Thanksgiving; it’s coming up in about a week and a half. They are going to be people out there whose current situation will present some challenges:Untitlded-1

  • Financially being able to provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for their family; OR
  • A small family struggling to make ends meet because of circumstances beyond their control, OR
  • That person that sits in a cubicle in your office, that does not have any company ever, OR
  • A single parent, forced to choose between not celebrating a Thanksgiving at all or risk falling even further in to an already deepened debt situation”, OR
  • Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one that was taken from them around this time of year as we seem to tragically hear about from time to time.

I can’t make the department stores, TV commercials, restaurants, or anyone for that matter; place a bigger emphasis on Thanksgiving versus Christmas, any more than you can; not that Christmas is a bad holiday; its just that Thanksgiving comes first, you know? So why did I write this?

Perhaps, I wrote this because it was heavy and burdening my heart to just simply ask you to think about someone that you can wrap your arms around, lovingly; and decide to help this holiday season by interrupting their life with a burst of positivity and love; whether that is something financially or physically, it doesn’t matter. You choose.

So many of us have all of these people on our various “Friends’ Lists“, yet somehow this time of year leaves some of us feeling “Friendless“.

So from my family to yours, I want to give thanks to you for reading this, We’ll continue to pray that anyone who reads this is blessed beyond measure this holiday season, giving you a November and December to remember.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to your comments and connecting with you soon!


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PS You know you don’t have to wait, just go love on somebody today.

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  1. So good to remember those who may be hurting rather than rejoicing. Let's all strive to make someone's holidays a little brighter! <3

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