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Easy as 3-4-5?

What if I told you that “3x4x5” may equal “60” in a math class, but should be “90”, in your professional world? I have often heard that age old adage, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” How are we to make sense of this conclusion of Aristotle? Well, I have a professional take on it.

I understand that Aristotle had very definite and specific concepts in mind when he spoke of a “whole” and a “part” and what qualifies to be one or the other. But let us take a look how this can actually help us accomplish our professional goals by year’s end.

3: You see, that is how many months are left in the rest of 2014! I know right, seems like we just got used to writing 2014, it now were going to have to write 2015? Yet, for some reason for you if this has been a long year then you probably can’t wait to get into the new year. Fret not anything that you experienced along the way; was either a lesson or a blessing, even if it didn’t appear to be at the time.download

I remember when I used to play football; we used to think about how the game plan, evaluating from play-to-play; always making adjustments trying to figure out how to overcome our obstacles. For the first three quarters; no matter what happened, you know we always counted on the luxury of time to get caught back up, in the fourth quarter.

Well my friends that’s where we are, so hold up your hands signify the number 4 because were in the fourth quarter. We may have to work harder than we may have worked the entire first three quarters combined to make things happen because now, we only have three months left to do it.

4: The number for represents the number of weeks that we have in each one of these months. So what we have to do is take each month and break it down into four parts; almost 4 quarters again, if you will. Week by week we need to look at what we’re doing going into the last week of the month, so that way we know where and how we need to bust out butts harder.

5: Now I’m a little torn about whether not I should include the number five or not. Let’s face it, most of us don’t work five days a week. So let’s just say we have a balanced life. We’re not WORK-A-HOLICS or LAZY SLOBS.

Ideally, we actually do work a 40 – 50, possibly even a 60 hour work week; with a time to refresh ourselves on the weekend to enjoy corporate worship or recreation, hopefully both.

Each day we should be moving closer towards those weekly goals broken down, which will move us closer to the monthly goals broken down, from the 4TH QUARTER GOALS that is the last part of our expectations for this year.

This all starts with our DAILY MO (Method Of Operation). I heard a very cheesy saying, that is as true as it is cheesy, “You’ll never have the “BIG MO” in your business (Momentum) if you don’t first establish your “DAILY MO”!Football-Play-1024x682

Getting “divorced from the results” and get “married to the process”; we will have definitely executed our plan; maybe not to perfection, but absolutely to a desired end. Just as long as we are realistically setting attainable goals that are enough to challenge ourselves, successfully and consistently, we will take care of our goals, without having to rely on a “Hail Mary” type of heroic effort.

If you need help with a plan with your health or your wealth, I want to hear from you. I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to your comments and connecting with you soon!


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