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A Pen and A Knife…

Yesterday, I was in what I would like to call extreme “Go Mode” or what most of my uninspired friends affectionately call, “Dream Chase Mode”; because when they call me and cannot reach me, this is what they ask once we do connect…

Well, that is another story for another day. While I was “hustlin’ and bustlin’ meeting with clients, picking up agreements. and running errands, I decided to squeeze in a lunch appointment with a friend.

So after catching up with my friend Lisa, I ran into a gentleman on a park bench next to where I parked my car. I remember saying hello to him as I was on my way into the restaurant. Upon returning to my car, I noticed that I had ran over a nailand it was in my tire causing a slow leak (this seems to happen to me quite regularly, but then I do drive more than most). So the boy scout in me went into my trunk and began to inflate the tire.

So as this was happening, “Mr Charles” and I began to have a very insightful conversation about two of the best tools that were ever created by mankind… A Pen and A Knife. Mr Charles reminded me that overtime and history that kingdoms Mr Charleshave risen and fallen by what was written by pen – hence the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”. What he also seemed to dwell on was a man’s signature.

He waxed on about how, we can sign our name to a document and send that document anywhere in this world that can go before us with all of our authority, on our behalf.

I loved when he said, whether you actually sign something or just do something and people know you did it; your signature is also how you live your life. How you do one thing is how you do everything, simply put.

Then there’s a knife. He says, “Now you see here, Mr. Tony; believe me when I tell you more men lives have been taken by a pen than any knife ever could. I am a little older so I have seen unspeakable men do unspeakable things.”

As I continued to listen intently, he went on to explain how, a knife or a pen can save a life or take it. A surgeon uses it with experience and more precision than an assailant.

If memory serves me, there are a few knives that have made a mark in history that have shaped things that will never be forgotten; like the knife that Julius Cesar had in his back – now that is another story young fella, or the knife that cut off the head of John the Baptist. Son, it really depends on your heart and your intentions so it doesn’t matter what you use, make sure you have the right heart and you will use them as tools, not weapons.

So as I listened to all of this, It reminded me of all of the times that people write things to hurt others, oppress others; instead of helping. So I guess I will answer the age old question, “What is mightier, the pen or the sword?”, like this: It depends. I know that it now profound or New-Age enlightening, but it is however truth.

So as I left, I asked if “Mr Charles” if he would honor me with a picture and he said, “Of course but if I see it in a magazine and you don’t come back and find me to share the wealth, I might have to cut ya, youngblood“. To which we burst into laughter.

I don’t know if he was homeless or down on his luck; or really maybe even an angel that I “entertained without knowing” (Hebrews 13:2); I just know he blessed me. Thanks Mr Charles.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to your comments and connecting with you soon!


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