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That’s Not a “$” On My Forehead

I love having friends that work from home in a traditional business or a network marketing business. Sometimes I wonder if they all know that as much I love them as a person, and appreciate what they do; there actually is a difference. I will always be their friend even if I never become their customer or business partner.

I have personal FB connections with 2 types of my friends who work from home or are sales professionals:

  1. Those who that realize that I am not friends with the product or service they represent and…forehead
  2. The others who know how to leverage relationships and sell “THRU” their relationships, not “TO” them.

I get it, maybe you think if you talk about and broadcast how much money you make; people will join you orbuy from you. Unless you are going to share your money with them… NEWSFLASH: They don’t care. They just care if you can help them, which is what most really want anyway. I love when a friend, and business partner shared these questions that people really should ask you, if they are thinking of joining you.

  • Are you interested in what motivates me?
  • Can you help me understand how I can succeed in this environment?
  • Why would I do business with you if I don’t know who you are?
  • Are you the person that can help me go from where I am, to where I want to go in life?

If you can’t answer those questions, without a snappy comeback or regurgitated cliche then you may have to ask yourself, if you are what you stand for and or post about, or do your friends now have a “$” on their forehead because you joined a new business venture? Care about sharing your opportunity as a TOOL TO FIX; instead of trying to find a FOOL TO TRICK.

I have earned countless bonuses; including cash, checks, trips, cars, and other gifts; guess what? Just as you read that abbreviated vague list of things, I know you don’t care, right? So then why would others that you are “targeting” care about your posts?

We have all heard that people don’t care about how much you know or share; until they know how much you care to share what you know. So change the messaging focus from “what you did” to asking them “are they interested” or even if they “want help”. Always, “Inform to Conform” using “Education to Inspire Transformation“.

Also, the more you brand a product or service, instead of yourself; for your sake, it better be all you do – EVER! People still want to support you, just stop annoying or confusing them. I am not friends with a blender, a purse, a magic lotion, or new fangled potion. I am friends with you because I love you or would live to get to know you more.

My clients and I sustain and thrive; not because we are better, just because we are ourselves and Our friends know the difference between who we are as a person and what we do as a profession… Do yours? If not, clear it up for them… If you need help, just stop being prideful and ask a professional.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to your comments and connecting with you soon!


Tony Tate

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11 thoughts on “That’s Not a “$” On My Forehead

  1. This is an excellent post Tony. In this industry, there's a lot for us to learn & you are doing a great job sharing about the important things that really matter!

  2. Amen! I will buy cool stuff but it has to be wicked cool for me to order it from a pushy stranger. Businesses that fulfill a need, whether it be a material one or a need for some kind of attention/validation are the kind of businesses that succeed.

  3. Great Post! There are some wonderful companies and products out there that loose their luster due to "pushy people" trying to make a buck off of you.

  4. Great post! I have had several friends and/or family members who have had their own businesses where the line of personal relationship was crossed. It often got to the point where I avoided contact with them knowing that any communication would revolve around their latest business adventure instead of genuine "how's life?" conversations! The worst was when their product became the default gift for any given Holiday or birthday…line definitely drawn!! Do not push your product on me! Let me decide!! And for the last comment, when individuals with home-based businesses have to disclose exact dollar amounts in terms of compensation and such…they are only running their mouths and in my opinion trying to portray a false sense of security to those who supposedly know them best. I appreciate you keeping the PERSONAL in personal relationships! After all that is what is most important in life!! You are the genuine real deal!!

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