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Is Your Corporate Pyramid Scheme Working?

More often than not, I will occasionally get the extreme viewpoint that networking marketing is a cult, or brainwashing, or some other “scheme”. Let’s take a look at the best Pyramid Scheme in The History of Pyramid Things, Corporate America. No wonder a PYRAMID is depicted on the back of the American Dollar Bill!

We are taught from a very early age to pay attention in public school to get good grades, and if we get good grades we can volunteer and play sports or join other extra curricular organizations; to one day get into a good college. Then, if we get good grades in college and do more extra curricular things, we will one day get a good job. Once we get a good job then we can work there for 40 years and retire, you know the whole 40/40 rule (40 years at 40 hours a week, from 25-65).

For some of us it hasn’t really worked out that way, has it? At some point the people that do network marketing just decided to unplug from that matrix. Here is a comparison of various “PYRAMIDS” that we all know and love; yet for some reason, we never viewed them as a pyramid. See if you can spot your pyramid here:

So notice where you are? The one thing is that is a stark contrast to Corporate America is that in Network Marketing you work down, instead of working your way up. There is never a glass ceiling where you can see where you want to get to, but can’t reach it. To me that is definitely a scheme.

Add that to the fact of having someone telling you:

When you can take a vacation,
When you can get sick,
When you come in to work,
Where to work,
What to do when you get to work,
What to do before you have to leave work,
How you have to work,
Who you have to work with,
Or Unfortunately if you can even work…

Get the picture? With Network Marketing all of those factors you control; in the Government or Corporate America Pyramid Schemes, they are controlled for you – JUST NOT BY YOU!

I am not saying that Corporate America is horrible. Some of my best friends are owners for multiple corporations. I think we just need to put it in perspective when we use the word “scheme”. By definition, a scheme is a system or plan of action that is meant to predict the outcome in your favor.

Now ask yourself, “Would a CEO want the guy in the mail room making more money than him?” “Would he ever train the person lowest on the totem pole to go out and create wealth limited only by himself?” or “Would a CEO ever train his assistant to do his job, better than him?”

Because the answers to those questions are ‘NO’, then ask yourself this: “How can you ever be comfortable working FOR someone else, instead of  WITH someone else? Why do you feel that you have to work for someone else for Stability, how stable is it when any of the above things are true and you can’t control them?

Now I ask you, “What is your definition of a Pyramid Scheme?” If the pyramid you are in isn’t working for you, why are you working for it?

Don’t remain in “NO MAN’S LAND“. You know whether you are unhappy, uncomfortable, unsatisfied, and you want things to change; but, you are not unhappy, uncomfortable, or unsatisfied ENOUGH to do anything about it!

If you want to have a fighting chance is this “TAKE NO PRISONERS” economy, and you want to build a true stable income (whether you work or not you get paid), then REACHOUT!

If you are coachable, teachable, and trainable then I can help you. Help yourself and your family, TODAY! I would love to share Mynt with you and it’s many benefits.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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13 thoughts on “Is Your Corporate Pyramid Scheme Working?

  1. Very interesting way to look at Pyramid Schemes Tony. I don’t know if Network Marketing will ever completely free itself of the stigma associated with that model, but the more people who find out first hand that it is a legitimate and worthwhile business the farther behind that label will fall.

    1. I think this economy is going to force a lot of people to do the same thing…

  2. Amen Tony:

    You nailed it ….more folks need to understand that corporate America is the real PYRAMID!….20+ years ago I saw the value & ‘model’ of residual income & I have never looked back….I backed away a few times due to ethical issues with companies & a few folks ,,,However the Model of a Homebased business works & gives us the Power to create a Lifestyle to our Desire!

    Matt Geib The Great

  3. Impressive – GEEZ – I would join you – if I wasn't doing so well in my own company…LOL So much truth and the ability to rise above this ailing economy! So Good!

    1. Thanks Selina… I really appreciate it. I just get the hairs on the back of my neck standing up when people turn their nose up at network marketing and ignorantly call it a "Pyramid Scheme" and they don't even know what they are talking about.

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