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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, I wanted to Re-share and highlight 2 photos on my wall that represent the MOST AMAZING DISPLAY of what someone with Autism, and someone challenged and tasked by God to raise and care for an Austistic child; can achieve.

It Just so happens that this was done by mother and my brother. I hope this blesses you and gives hope to those 6303_10201299593041660_1603600182_njust beginning their journey. Please read and share.

When it comes to my Mama, I just want to say she did a wonderful job raising a child with Autism!

She had Corey long after your other children were grown and you did it without help from “His Father”.

Not only did she raise him, but she fought for him. She never let the State of SC, SC Department of Education, or anyone all the way down to the ignorant school officials; tell her what to expect or limit what God wanted to prove thru her and Corey, my brother!

She REFUSED to let them push him through school and give him a certificate, You REFUSED to let them tell you what Corey couldn’t handle, She REFUSED anything other than Corey graduating with a REGULAR DIPLOMA!

At the time this program was printed it said his GPA was a 3.400, but once the final grades came in he graduated with a 3.700!! YOUR REFUSAL produced a student that got the attention of the SC and National Autism Society. Earning Corey a LIFETIME Scholarship Award to any state school in SC.


His acceptance into college and deciding to major in Graphic Design was not a shock to me, as he told me he is going to design videos games; years ago. I believed him then and I thanked God then, and I praise Him now!

The fact that Corey was not only a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE, but also a HIGH SCHOOL HONORS GRADUATE; just proves that not only does AUTISM SPEAK – IT COMMANDS ATTENTION and WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO A CORNER!

The world is just getting to get a glimpse of Corey, but just know that is part of Her LEGACY and Helena and I are proud to call her Mama!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to your comments and connecting with you soon!


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