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Things That Make Me Go… “Really?”

Having been in Network Marketing for a small stint, I have seen a few things from looking up at my leadership and looking down into my own organization; in my past and present company. Time is something that will definitely master you if you do not master it.

I am a firm believer (transparently, it took me some time to get there), in that there is no such thing as time management, ONLY PRIORITY MANAGEMENT. The extremely wealthy and the extremely destitute all have 24 hours in the same day. You can’t buy more than 24 hours a day. You can buy time, only invest in it.

Having said that, there is a difference between being “TOO BUSY TO HELP” someone and “TOO BUSY TO CARE”. Everyone is busy; if you don’t believe me ask them! However, what are we all busy with? Just little things like, if I say I am going to call someone back, I do it! Especially, before I post something goofy or silly on FB where the expecting party that is waiting for my return message can read it.

I personally do what I can, for who I can, when I can. Sometimes, I am not able. What I am able to do is always make the people in my life, that I care about a priority! MLM, Traditional business, or personally. None of us are perfect but our care for others should be heartfelt servitude; whether it is for our: friends, family, upline/downline, or even strangers.

If you see someone not succeeding, maybe they don’t know how. Recommend a book. Pat them on their back. Let them know you care; even if spending large amounts of time with them is not an option. Show them you care, don’t just post about it.

Listen, I get it. I do: “1000 x 0” is still “0”. So if you want that “0” to ever become a “1” or more; ADD TO IT, leave and check on him or her later. You see in life, that “0”; may have been a “1000” at one point that just needs the encouragement to get back to something that a “division” or “subtraction problem” took away from.

I don’t profess to know everything. I only know how I feel. Right, wrong, or indifferent; people leave companies, quit jobs, quit relationships because of a lot of things. Are you PROACTIVE in your business AND personal relationships or REACTIVE? Did you reach out to them more than once every 3 months with more than a text or post? How many of those times can you honestly say that you made an effort?

On the otherhand, you are NOT supposed to BABYSIT anyone. Everyone HAS TO TAKE OWNERSHIP of their business, if they are an independent busines owner; or responsibilities as a employee. We are simply be the ones who guide them, make ourselves available, EVEN if by an appointment.

Are there people who need personal/professional growth and development? Yes of course, advise and guide; then go out and become an example by getting things done yourself.

If you are taking someone’s application for employment or enrollment; know that represents their willingness to partner with you for their goals & dreams… Not just yours. If you have that upside down, then change back your “M” into a “W”; to turn from a “ME” focus into a “WE” focus.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to your comments and connecting with you soon! IMG_5727s

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  1. I have definitely found this to be true too! As a single mama with a growing business, I don't have time to babysit anyone else! 🙂 I love meeting others who are just as hungry for success and business growth as I am. Those individuals take OWNERSHIP of their own businesses, and that makes it easy for me to come alongside them and work TOGETHER to achieve even more success. Great article, Tony!

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