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New Year’s Resolutions: 3D

You know what time of the year its, and you have probably heard every type of New Year’s resolution from all of your friends; everything from trying to lose a few pounds to trying to gain a few bucks. Maybe you even have one of your own.

Have you ever stopped and thought about your actual plan of action that would be needed while you aren’t attempting to accomplish these New Year’s resolutions, regardless of what they are?

A have often said far too many times that a “…goal without a plan is a wish…” So allow me to share with you what I feel is a “3-D” approach to accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, or anything you resolve to do that is worth accomplishing.

The first part is to DETAIL IT, and by that I don’t mean make it pretty like you would your car; but you must be very specific in order to have the ANY type of success with regard to where you’re going. Have you ever got into a car and ended up somewhere that you didn’t want to be, then realizing that “THINKING” you could get there without actual having clear directions was a recipe for disaster and a complete waste of time? The same thing can happen to you resolutions (or goals) if you are not careful! Just like Googling directions for a trip, You must begin with the end in mind…

After that then you would need to DIVULGE IT, you know; GO PUBLIC WITH IT! Most goals and or plans to accomplish goals are really goals until you go public with it. This makes it pretty easy to have accountability partners and cheerleaders who will route you on for your success, and you may even pick up a few others along the way by inspiring them to join you on your quest for Better Health, Better Wealth, or just an overall Better Self!

And the last one is to DOCUMENT IT, Tracking your progress is very important to actually determine if you have made, are making, or will make progress. If you can’t track it, then you will lack it! That is not just cliche; it is pretty much a universal law that will work against you, whether you realize it or not.

Like all plans sometimes the best plans have to be tweaked along the way. By tracking your progress and documenting it, you’re actually able to see what works.  This proves helpful when dealing with minor setbacks and what things you need to change; which would help you develop a laser focus to keep your resolution faithfully.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.
Talk to you soon!
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3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: 3D

  1. 3D – Love it! What do you suggest to "document" it? An excel spreadsheet or a bunch of post it notes? What help YOU to be successful when working towards meeting your goals?

  2. 3D…thought I was going to read a movie review, but was pleasantly surprised it's a 3'D" plan of action to keep us on track with our goals! Detail, Divulge, Document…on track for the New Year! Thanks Tony!

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