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7 Buzzer Beaters For Effective Time Management

With only 24 Hours, 1440 Minutes, 86400 Seconds in a day, time is a finite resource that has to be well managed.

Everyone loves a good “Buzzer Beater”, in sports. You would think in a society where we have so much of an emphasis on sports and their athletes; we would be much better at managing our time.
Sports and time are interlaced.


Since the winning team, in a sport where there is a set game clock, is the one with the points points in a given time; I am going to share 7 Buzzer Beaters For Effective Time Management.

1.) Preparation: There is a time for everything; a time to practice and a time to play; a time to be coached and a time to implement. Do you happen to just do things in life or do you prepare for? Have you prepared what you are going to do tomorrow? How often do you set aside practice and preparation time for your major goals?

2.) Schedule: Before a football, basketball, or hockey season, etc. begins; a detailed schedule of matches is prepared. You should set up a schedule for your commitments to ensure you are not over stretching yourself and are moving towards your goals.

Setting a schedule for your goals and plans will set you aside from 90% of people who do not do it. Write down your goals and allow yourself ample time to achieve your goals. Set a schedule of what needs to be done, by whom and when. Then stick with it.

3.) Prioritize: Athletes are forced to set their priorities. What comes first? 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. It is up to you to decide where to allocate your time. Decide in advance what tasks you will attend to and what you will delegate or outsource. In order of importance to your daily mission; spend your valuable time on tasks that make a difference.

4.) Deadlines: Some people love the whooshing sound of deadlines as they zoom past them. What is your take on a little dirty word called procrastination? Do you put off to tomorrow what you could or must do today?

Remember this: “By the time we get to tomorrow, it will have changed its name to today.” Take action everyday towards your goals. Understand yourself and your speed when setting deadlines. Unrealistic deadlines can frustrate you and make you less effective.

Sports have strict deadlines; everything has to be done before the final whistle. Based on a teams hard work and being equal to the task; there are times when you may get a few minutes of extra time, but once the whistle is blown, the game is over. Take a similar approach to your life. Set deadlines that you can stick with. If not you could watch time slip through your fingers!


5.) Gimme a Break: Are you working yourself to an early grave? Working for hours on end is not good for your

Breaks are a tremendous time to reflect on how far you have come and to check if you are still on course.Work hard and play hard. Many athletes rest after the end of a game and go have a blast at the end of the season. Taking breaks from work or business helps create a healthy work / life balance.health. Try taking scheduled breaks from your work. Working without breaks can lead to stress, injury or an illness. Taking breaks rejuvenates ones body and mind.

 6.) Routine: We are creatures of habits. We become what we think and do everyday. Understand the habits that you need to have to be able to meet your objectives. Kill off bad habits and nurture good habits. If you do not master your habits, they will master you.

7.) Precision: The final lesson from sports about time is precision. Most games kick off precisely at the appointed times with a precise order of doing things. Do you?

I have not yet mastered each of these, personally. I do however, see the importance and strive to do this. Because I firmly believe that:
“When you value yourself, you will value your time.
Once you value your time, then and only then will you ever do something with it!”

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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