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I Get It From My Mamma

You know with Mother’s Day coming up, it is hard not to think about all of the VERY SPECIAL women in our life who helped us become who we are; whether that was purposeful or on accident.

There is saying that goes, “Sometimes it is better to be lucky, rather than good.” I am still trying to figure out if I had the mother that was because I was lucky or she was that good.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Math and Sciences and the value I placed spiritually on word and number origins. In the Bible, we often see the number 5 indicating “GRACE”.

So I will share with you 5 things I got from my mamma that explains exactly how she tricked me into who I am today.

She Magnified Me: I was my mom’s first-born child. No offense to my little sister or brother meant, but being a parent myself, there is something about becoming a parent the first time. Of course a parent loves all of their children but when the idea of a parent becomes a reality, things change.

I am told to this day how my mom spoke of me when I was born. Showing everyone her first-born, holding me in high regard; I can remember as a child telling someone, “Because my momma said so!” The beginning of my self-worth. She tricked me into thinking that I mattered, despite what the world says.

She Manipulated Me: Despite our surroundings and growing up in government housing, it was not fun having people “pleasantly surprised” at the speaking ability and intelligence displayed from those living in Pine Haven Villas, in Columbia SC. Our neighborhood was the poorest in the entire state and abundant in crime.

My mother told me that I am supposed to show people despite where I came from my to just go in the direction that my feet were facing… FORWARD. Just don’t forget where I came from and how I got out because one day I may have to show someone else the way out; even if by example if I stumble and fall and have to get “BACK” out. She tricked me into becoming self-reliant.

She Molded Me:Once as a child I was riding my bike on a hill near stairs. I hit a root and flew over the handle bars. I was hurdling down the hill and concrete stairs. I could hear my aunts screaming and once I stopped, I even saw my older cousins running to help me as I was all scratched up and bleeding. I felt tears beginning to well up and people were covering their mouths shocked.

When my mom got down the hill (after everyone else), she looked at me and calmly asked me if I was done falling and getting everyone’s attention. I told her I guess so. At that time I asked her if she thought I was going to die. She asked, “Why, just because you are bleeding and are hurt and scratched up?” I said to her, “Well… Yes” Then she replied, “No.” I asked her “Why’s everybody cryin’, then?” She said because they didn’t know how tough I was. She cleaned me up and sent me back outside to play. Again, she tricked me into thinking I was tough! She was so sneaky, that lady!

She Motivated Me: Every time I felt like I didn’t want to do my homework or I got in trouble at school (Yes I know, very hard to believe), When she found out; She took me outside, showed me her car, showed me the pantry, reminded me of our neighborhood, turned on the TV and showed me ‘The Jefferson’s‘ and then ‘Good Times’.

She would look me right in my face and said to me, “James Evans didn’t do his homework and ate Ghetto Food his whole life. He was born in the ghetto and died died in the Ghetto. George Jefferson did his homework, went to business school, took a chance on himself and worked hard and lives in a penthouse. WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?” She didn’t like it when I answered SHAFT, but I got the picture. There she was tricking me again. Darn that mom of mine.

She Moved Me: More than a couple of times, growing up where I did it wasn’t a matter of “IF” I was going to get in trouble; but more so, what it was going to take to get out of it. There was an incident where my mom didn’t have the money to send me somewhere that I wanted to go. Well, for the sake of time, she found a way to send me.

Years later I found out, she sold something priceless and didn’t have the money to get it back and so it was lost at a pawn shop; owned by a family member no less. I have done my part to make it up to her over and over again, as an adult; but what my mother did was she taught me self-sacrifice.

There are a lot of things that didn’t like about my upbringing, and alot I blamed her for when I was an immature teen. I just thankful many years ago we became closer as I had my first child. Funny thing is that all of our birthdays are within 10 days. I am thankful that I get to celebrate my ancestry and offspring all this weekend.

I apply these things to me in my professional and personal life and I hope you understand why I am driven after reading this, but just know. I definitely “GET IT FROM MY MAMMA!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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9 thoughts on “I Get It From My Mamma

  1. You were blessed to be raised by a Mom that taught you valuable lessons that you carry with you today! Great photo of your Mom, too! Happy Mom's Day to Tony's Mom!

  2. Mrs. Tate, you did a fine job raising him to be a good leader and father! Now if you are on Facebook, go ahead and friend me, then message me secretly with some of the funnier, more embarrassing tales about Tony. 🙂

  3. Mrs Tate,
    After reading this, it’s easy to see how Tony has continued to spread the legacy of having a mother who believed he could fly to the moon on his dreams-if he so chose! Have a Spectacular Mother’s Day!

  4. Mrs. Tate, more moms should trick their children if it meant they would grow up to be like your son. I am so glad that Tony shared this because now, not only will I learn how to succeed in business from your son but I have just learned a bit on how to be a better mom to my two boys from you. Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day Mrs. Tate. You did well!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day! What a beautiful dedication!? It’s definitely safe to say – Mom, you did an amazing job. Thank you Tony for sharing your Mom and 5 of her many child rearing tips with us. We’ve all learned a lot from her and haven’t even met her. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day – you deserve it!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your mamma, Tony! I know that she is so proud to know that she raised a wonderful son. Happy Mothers Day to your Mom!!

  7. Tony, I'm sure MAMA will be proud to read how she impacted your life into such a powerful, positive, influential man and the person you are. MAMA YOU DID GOOD!

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