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Open Up A Six Pack Of Success

I regularly talk with a number of people within different companies in my industry, and while I’ve heard a variety of reports about sales trends so far this year, one consistency is this: Virtually everyone I’ve talked to recently has said they’re hoping things will get better.

Well, I’ve got news for you: Hope is not a strategy. Successful People don’t sit around waiting for circumstances to improve. They take action to create improvements.

So what are you doing to make things better? Because whatever the state of the economy, you as a marketer or promoter have enormous potential to impact your production or franchise network, which of course spurs your own sales.

Here are six “CANS” that make up your “Six-Pack” of Success. Six specific strategies you can carry out immediately to help your sales channel sell more of your bottom line. 1. YOU CAN: Increase Your Corporate Marketing Efforts Whenever things get tough and companies are looking to slash costs, one of the first line items they cut is the marketing budget. Which is one of the dumbest things they can do.Because effective marketing generates sales. Conversely, when you reduce your marketing efforts, your sales drop. Marketing is an investment, not an expense! For every dollar you invest in marketing, you should see a return of two, five, ten (or more) dollars in sales. If your marketing isn’t providing a substantial return, it doesn’t mean marketing doesn’t work—it means your marketing doesn’t work. Either your message is wrong or your tactics are wrong. Possibly both. Don’t cut it—fix it! 2. YOU CAN: Launch a Publicity Campaign Publicity has two distinct advantages as a sales and marketing tool: 1) It’s free and  2) It carries more credibility than an advertisement. So what’s YOUR story? What information do you have that would be of interest to potential partners? What have you, your team, or your company done recently that people should know about? What tips can you share that could improve people’s lives? What newsworthy ways have your customers used your products or services? These are things you need to share; whether it is through Social Media use (not abuse), or other ways that are passionate, but personal and passive. News flash: You might actually have to pick up a phone and speak to someone. I know that’s old school, but remember old school is what got us here to the new school! 3. YOU CAN: Optimize Your Web Site When someone does a search for the type of product or service you offer, how high up in the results do your sites appear? When prospects visit your site, what percentage of them actually contact you or opt-in? Or leave your site never to return again? 4. YOU CAN: Increase Joint Marketing Efforts Unfortunately, in most businesses, independent marketers or promoters eviscerate their marketing budgets when things get tight. To counter this knee-jerk reaction, encourage the marketing efforts of your team with an available co-op budget. Co-op funds are an investment in your sales channel’s success as well as your own. 5. YOU CAN: Educate Your Team About Co-operative Marketing No matter what your co-op budget is, odds are most of your channel partners aren’t using all of it anyway. That’s because most marketers or promoters know nothing about marketing. So teach them. Here’s a tip. Create a Private Facebook Group where business partners and team members can share their best marketing tactics and offer prizes for the best ideas. 6. YOU CAN: Train Your Fellow Partners and Promoters More often than not, the sale doesn’t go to the business with the best product or the best service (or even the lowest price), but to the promoters with the best marketers. If you want your marketers and promoters to sell more, doesn’t it make sense to train them how to sell better? These more often than not take place at Events; which also help build belief… Marketers and promoters who get regular training are more adept at finding quality prospects, using your system more effectively, staying motivated and closing deals. (And such improvements can be immediate. I’ve had attendees of my seminars report back to me that they used what they learned the very same day to close sales.) You can’t control what the economy does. But you can control what you do!. Don’t just hope things get better. Open up this “SIX PACK OF SUCCESS” and employ these six strategies and make things better!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Love this list!! A great reminder of simple things we can do when business seems to slow down.

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