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What Tigger Taught Me

For the most part most people are pretty content and if you ask them what they look forward to it is usually centered around something that they consider fun; different from the norm or just to break up the monotony. This also reminds me of some of the reasons of why I love Tigger and what he taught me.

I often use a lot of the things I learn about Tigger; when sharing motivational or training points with my team. It is no secret that I love Tigger. He is just excited all the time… I can totally relate…

I have often thought of strangers as friends I have not met – maybe not the guy who doesn’t wash his hands in the men’s room, but even he with the right mentoring, he will learn to have better hygiene.

Some “Rules” that I want to share with you on the this “TIGGERIFIC” FUN Friday that I learned from Tigger are:

1.) Tigger Overcomes His Flaws If ever there was anyone who could have benefited from being hooked on phonics, it is Tigger. As much as he mispronounces and misuses words he just keeps going and has a short memory when it comes to his failures. Often too many times we let our own deficiencies trap us in a fear of ever venturing out… not Tigger.

1.) Tigger Bounces Back As much as I love Tigger, I have to admit that I am as equally not fond of Rabbit – and that is not because he doesn’t have a real name. Rabbit is constantly setting Tigger up for failure and Tigger’s Attitude is a reflection of his Altitude when he is “Bouncing Out Of Here“! Not even the best laid plans derail Tigger from the fun he intends to have.

1.) Tigger Is One Of A Kind Most of us adults have either sang or have heard our kids sing the “The Tigger Song”. In his song he stresses how he is one of a kind.

Now I can’t say that Tigger can easily emulate anyone; because, he lacks other skill sets that would make it easy for him to duplicate any system. What I will say is that he figures out within his means to get all of what he can out of who he is! I wish we all could learn to do that more…

1.) Tigger Embraces His Critics I love that even with prior knowledge that Rabbit tries to do him in or isn’t very welcoming of Tigger; that never stops him from always trying to make peace with his adversaries, temporary or otherwise. He never holds anything back. You will always know where you stand with Tigger. He has a heart the size of his leaping ability which I believe he uses to bridge the gaps in misunderstanding; while landing on a resolution – even when landing on Rabbit.

1.) Tigger is Always Ready… For Anything! It might be easier trying to find a honey pot that Pooh doesn’t like than trying to catch Tigger with a surprise. He is ready for any adventure big or small; tough or easy; he will always have fun along the way. For Tigger, the journey is always as important as the destination.

1.) Tigger Embraces Change The more we live eventually we will always change. Even though we try to fight it we shouldn’t because we can grow. It keeps us from being open.

I hope you found value in the “Rules” that Tigger has shown me. I try to adopt those in my daily life and in my business. So what are the morals of the blog post, you ask?

Bounce back when things know you on your kiester!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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13 thoughts on “What Tigger Taught Me

  1. Awesome easy read, Tony! I can fully relate to Tigger. He was my favorite too along with Pooh,when my kids were growing up! Always bouncing back from whatever trouble he got himself into!

    MnSue @oilstoday.com

  2. Your perspective is refreshing and enlightening. It is clear why you were put on this earth, just from reading this blog alone!

  3. Good stuff Tony,

    I like your analogy with Tigger. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about this character. Boy I wish I had his qualities! Best of success with your business.

  4. Tony great looking blog and great content. What I like about Tigger is he seems all happy go lucky but he knows how to get things done. He is a leader of sorts without trying to force it. Great post.


  5. Nice post Tony. It’s much easier to read an article when you get creative with it such as you did here. Kept me interested all the way through. Good stuff man keep it up!


  6. Hi Tony,
    I love, Winnie the Pooh! And breaking down Tigger’s qualities in this way was super effective and super accessible. I love the item where Tigger Embraces His Critics. When I am meeting a lot of resistance in the form of my own rabbits, that’s usually a good sign that I’m on to something really good–or at least that a breakthough is right around the corner. Sometimes our light shining makes others uncomfortable and they try to discourage us so that they can get back into the dark. But the beauty of Tigger’s lessons is that we don’t have to go into darkness ourselves, and we can make friends with others who think differently. Thanks for sharing this and have a POWERFUL week! Allegra

  7. Hi Tony,
    Tigger sounds like an awesome character
    However I must admin that I do not know Tigger…

    looks like we in Australia missed out.

    Great to meet you

  8. hi tony..
    analogy of the tiger, very inspiring at all,
    I myself really like this character, a lot of valuable lessons that I can get!

  9. A.A. Milne sure knew his personalities and character types! Tigger is a joy and delight to have around even when he’s being a nuisance! Somehow he makes you love him despite it all.

    We more serious types can learn much from the Tigger types!

    Willena Flewelling

  10. I do not know how I missed these one, but I am glad I found it. Once again great post. The one thing that social mathematics does is explaining something unfamilier by relating to something that a person is familiar with. Using Tigger’s character traits to eplain some good behaviors to have, was nice. As always a great post.

  11. I am "Tiggeriffic" Mood! So I wanted to share my Tigger Post from a while ago; hoping you will also have a "Tiggeriffic" Day!

    1. What kind of frosting are you putting on those flakes Tony? LOL!

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