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Why Raise An Entrepreneurial Generation?

The word “Entrepreneurship” might sound unimportant or common to your ears, but it suggests several meanings and if a poll were  conducted, I bet we will come up with hundreds definitions of the term entrepreneurship.

Now what is entrepreneurship? According to most, “Entrepreneurship is the readiness and skill of either a person or group of personalities to sniff out investments opportunities, start business ventures and/or run enterprises successfully.”

So now that we have a working definition of the term let’s move on. But then you may ask,
“Why stress the need for entrepreneurship development?”
Hear Me Explain It Here:

I am only in my late 30’s, so I won’t share a story that starts off  “I remember when this only cost that much” or “How far I had to walk to school in the snow uphill both ways”! Having said that I am somewhat of an amateur historian and I believe that we have to get back to what made America great!

We must cultivate the Entrepreneurial Spirit! As I get on my soapbox, I will remind you that this country was founded on Home Based Businesses! A Farmer, Blacksmith, Hunter, Fisher, Miller, Tanner, Shoemaker, etc.; are not just the last names of people – THEY WERE VOCATIONS!

Let’s say I was a lad who grew up wanting to be a farmer, I would go work on a farm – if I didn’t live on one – once I was at least 13 until I mastered all aspects of farming, usually taking about 7 years or so. We called that an apprentice, in those days. We now call them interns because we have to pay them.

After learning all aspects of these things I would get my bonus for achieving a level of mastery; which might include land, animals that I raised, and whatever else the Mentoring Farmer would endow me with to go and start my farm.

There is something satisfying and rewarding for building something that no one gives you, cannot be taken away, no matter what the economy is doing, or who’s hiring; that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Somewhere along the way we gave that up to go and build wealth for someone else and not ourselves… I have my theories about the industrial revolution, the stock market crash of 1929, what the word “JOB” stands for and originated from; but I will save that for another conversation.

The point is we were never in a “DEPRESSION“, or even a “RECESSION“; we are in an “OPPRESSION“; courtesy of Corporate America.

I am not really big on Conspiracy Theories, but I know a “BIG FAT LIE” when I see one. No one I know that is independently wealthy because the went and worked a job under the 40/40 rule; (40 hours a week for 40 years), built someone else wealth and then tried to live off 50-70% off of what they couldn’t live on when they worked. Maybe you know someone but I don’t.

Here are some quick points why we should raise An Entrepreneurial Generation:

  • Create opportunities of wealth for others through  new business ventures.
  • Utilize available personnel and resources that might have remain idle and put them into productive use.
  • Entrepreneurship development makes it possible for people to create wealth, independence and status for themselves.
  • Stimulates growth in other sectors with increase in demand and supply.
  • Increases productivity by means of innovation.
  • Facilitate and increase the need for technology.
  • Boost the economy and increases the nation’s GDP.
  • Reduce dependence on social security and Medicare; that won’t be there anyway. 

I mean seriously, it is one thing for a person to have a bad credit score, but AN ENTIRE COUNTRY! Give me a break!

With this few points, I hope I have been able to throw more light on the need for people to embrace entrepreneurship as a way of life and a means to better the society. Join the entrepreneur’s train and I will see you at the top.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Fantastic read, loved the 40/40 thought in there. I absolutely agree that is so backwards to live. Thanks for sharing, Tony! MnSue

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