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Effective Time Management Strategies

What a dream to be able to work from home, right? You are now going to have all the time in the world to get your business where you want it to be, it is going to be a relaxing drama-free environment and best yet, no one is going to be breathing down your neck when  a project is due.

So you should be excited about working from home because you are now the boss, timekeeper, law enforcer, and project manager.

But… you had to know there was going to be a but!!

Did you ever fully realize how much would now be on your shoulders?  You are now a man or woman of many hats that need to be changed out many times a day. So how do you keep from slipping further and further behind, losing sight of your goal deadlines, and make sure your productivity is where it needs to be?

Here are three Effective Time Management Strategies that you can start right now that will help you get off the couch, focus, and start doing highly productive activities for your business.

  1. Plan:This is going to be your Master Plan. Begin by planning out where you want to be a year from now.  Do you want to be making $100,000?  Just decide what a good place for you is and now work backwards through the year marking significant stepping stones along the way.In order to reach your ultimate goal, where do you need to be at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months?  Next include significant and specific actions you need to take to get you to your ultimate goal.  Including marketing, expenses,  and ongoing education.
  2. Write it down:   For starters, you should have already written your goals down.  But now you are going to have to be diligent every day and write down what you need to get done for the day.  Schedule out your entire day if you need to down to breaks and lunch time.The more detailed you are the more likely you will stick to it.  Writing it down is also going to help you remember more items on your to-do list and it will also help you hold yourself accountable for things you did not complete.
  3. Lastly, Don’t Burn Out:  You are going to be highly unproductive for longer periods if you don’t take a little time for yourself. Running a business can be very overwhelming and always on your mind, so you need to find ways to relax and get away from your work or your will experience burn out really quick and might even end up quitting if you burn out too bad.

To run a business effectively you need to manage your time effectively or you will just be spinning your wheels, productivity will be low, and you won’t be making the money you know you can.

Do not discredit such simple basics when business building, otherwise you will have nothing to grow on. If you would like more help with Mentorship and Training and would love to know more about a SIMPLE BUSINESS MODEL <–that even a kid can explain, CONTACT ME TODAY and let’s have an AWESOME AUGUST!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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5 thoughts on “Effective Time Management Strategies

  1. Excellent tips Tony – burn out is a very real problem with new entrepreneurs because few really comprehend how much work is going to be involved.

    1. Thanks Marquita,

      I think it is much more important to max out, just not burn out.

  2. Tony, you hit it right on the head. It’s not about having the freedom to do anything we want. It’s more important to be very efficient and effective at what we do. I love the idea of managing our own time so that we are as productive as possible. I like the idea of your simple business model. Thank you so much for offering to assist each of us in continued grow in our personal productivity. This is an excellent post thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

  3. Distractions have their place (breaks anyone?) but by and large they hurt me. Whether you call it “shiny object syndrome” or working on the first task that pops into my mind versus  the important tasks they can all distract me. That’s why I totally 100% support your advice of setting longer term goals (one year or more) and working backwards to determine what tasks/actions would be required to get these things done. One thing I tried was to Mind-Map my goals in as much detail as possible. In so doing, I separated the “project-like” tasks (like creating a training product) from weekly ongoing tasks (like writing to my list or maintaining my blog). Both are important. But always are the evaluator questions to REALLY determine what’s important- does this action contribute to the main goal – profit.  (In some cases the things we do aimlessly can even subtract from profit!) Working on this is an ongoing process for me and reading the post was a good reminder.

  4. There are so many time management tips on the web – well for even one of them to be useful to you, you have to have the will power to implement them !  Sincerely implement one tip that touches you the most for a month and then add one more to the list – This is the real test for your will power and your commitment to change! Great strategies thought. Thanks for sharing Tony.Jeff

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