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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Everyone has heard the cliche, “TEAM means TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE”. I am a firm believer in that, but what makes a GOOD TEAM? So I got to thinking about my own team of internet marketers; the marketing business as a whole, what is the internet and the role it plays in marketing, marketing plans, or even a marketing strategy. Then I remembered that it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Remember that and you will have Wildly Successful Team and be as blessed as I am on my team of internet marketers, TEAM TRANSFORMERS!

Now, let take a look at at set of keys that will help foster an environment where you will use TEAMWORK TO MAKE THE DREAM WORK!

Here we have a 10-Key Teamwork Testament

  • Outline Clear and Specific Tasks. what is everyone’s  role on the team. How will you make the decisions? Do you deal directly with the client or with another person on the team, i.e. marketing staff, etc.?
  • Know Your Role. Who presents the ideas? Who answers questions? Who trains and educates? This will ensure that all tasks are addressed with duplication – and also that all parties know what’s expected of themselves.
  • Meet Deadlines and Time Frames. This will ensure that a project doesn’t fail because of other factors that make it difficult to work within, as opposed to other natural obstacles that my just impede progress in your cause to change the world . This will also avoid wasting time and frustration within the team.
  • Be a Peacemaker – NOT A PEACEKEEPER. Things will always arise because you are working with people; however, you have to be honest with your thoughts, feelings and concerns and quickly resolve to resolve issues and don’t let them fester and build up. 
  • Communicate Clearly. Whether it’s how and when you will work on your part of the project or suggestions you have on the overall project Communication is Key.
  • Respect One Another. You must value others time and ideas and you may feel you know better than another member of the team, but each one of you has a specific role to fill and it’s better to deal with one and other with respect and work through issues from a positive angle.
  • Know that You Can’t Know Everything. There is probably something to learn from everyone that you deal with on the project – even if it is to be more patient with people that don’t know as much as you do.
  • Have an Open Mind. There is always more than one way to do a task so if a another member of the team comes up with something that you think may not work, have another look and you may find a new way to do something that is even better.
  • Give Feedback – positive or negative, but be specific and fair.  Oh, and you have to take feedback too!
  • Enjoy The Experience of a Team! The responsibility is not all on your shoulders for a change.  You have people to brainstorm with.  You may even find new ways to do business and start working with the team on a regular basis.

As an internet marketing professional you may prefer to work alone, or are just used to working that way, but by working successfully within a team, you may find that you can reap even bigger awards! I have found that as a “networker”, this checklist can serve as a policies and procedures that helps with any marketing strategy. If you want more, need more, and want to realize more…Contact Me Today!!!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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6 thoughts on “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

  1. Tony,
    These are some important factors when working with a team.  The more you are upfront with the rules of the group the better the outcome will be.  Working with people can be a challange and a blessing  at the same time.  Working with like minded people is the key to sucess.  When you find those people then things become so much easier.  I know that I cannot do it all myself so building a team that has different talents is something that I am striving to do in building my business.

  2. Really good points to ponder, here, Tony.  Together we can have so many more ideas than when we are just alone.  Something happens with the synergy that is created when people work together in respect.  The end product is much better than any one person can create on their own.  Not to mention that each person has different gifts and strengths and can contribute those to the total picture.

    I believe it’s also important to work with people who are facing the same direction, who have the same values and goals.

  3. Good list, Tony. I especially like #7… you can’t know everything. In my experience, it’s better if I DON’T know everything, because if I do, it tends to intimidate prospective team members who think they have to know everything too. I find it’s better to be a “pointer”, pointing them to someone else who is more knowledgeable in a particular area than I am.

    Willena Flewelling

  4. Being the person to “Point someone to the “TOOL” instead of “Imitating a TOOL” this much easier to duplicate yourself and efforts; afterall isn’t that what we all want?

  5. Hi Tony! Great article! I particularly noticed “Know your Role”. It seems some are teachers, some are encouragers, some are givers and so forth.  If everybody was the one who wanted to be upfront training, then Oh my, there would be a battle. It’s true we have to know our role or gifts and be content there, but also willing to grow in other areas. 
    But with a teamwork concept or Masterminding we can use not only our minds, but the many great minds of others!  Ya gotta love it!
    Thanks so much!

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