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Is Your Network Marketing Company Your Wife or Your Mistress?

I have never really counseled anyone on what to do in their marriage and yet, I have listened to friends of mine both male and female that had suffered from a bad relationship.

Maintaining a relationship is tough enough but it is really tough when you can’t make up your mind with what you want. The same thing can be said with Network Marketing.

You see, just like a mistress… The “siren’s song” of a compensation plan that promises untold riches or the newest thing that will cure all the ills of the world or make your life so much easier is really sometimes just that…

A SONG AND DANCE! Once they have your money, your time, and it is no longer fun – YOU ARE USUALLY LEFT HIGH AND DRY, such as BB King sings, “The Thrill Is Gone”!

They are always other things that will always seem nicer, greener on the other side; but I was told a long time ago, “EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS ISN’T GOLD!

So how can you tell if your Network Marketing Company will always be there for you, for better for worse; thru sickness and health; for richer for poorer; til death due you part? Start by doing your homework and when you do here are 7 things that can tell you if you are in a STABLE RELATIONSHIP with a STABLE “MATE”, or Network Marketing Company:

1.) Growth – Is your team growing AND as well as the company? Have you been taught how to build team members up and is the company using up to date technology that allows for Twitter Business as well as other social media?

2.) Better With Than Without – Financially and Physically speaking, Are you a product of your products? If so does that benefit you? Have you had an opportunity to make money as the new person as well as the seasoned vet?

3.) Long Term Vision – Is your company in it for the Long Haul? Is the company trying capitalize off tragedies or market trends, or is it trying to create a culture that engenders a movement?

4.) Giving Back – What does your company do for  those who can’t do for themselves? Think about that, just like you; your company should leave people better than they found them.

5.) Engagement – How often does your company engage you? Are you captivated by the technology your company uses, or is it still using the 1980’s as a marketing  or business model?

6.) Financial Future – Does your company redirect money people are already spending? Does it place an emphasis on your customers budgets now; which equates to a true residual income? AND

7.) Stability and Freedom – Is your company stable? Is your company controlling all of your efforts and does the company let YOU be YOU?

If you are embarrassed by the answers that you gave or found yourself trying to make excuses…

If you know this has happened to someone hold an intervention – if it is you, then it is not too late. Cut ties with the Mistress and find a company that you can be proud to be married to.

Everyone has to choose something that makes sense for them, but I have found an amazing a relationship with Ocean Avenue, a company that cares how it can help you as opposed to you helping it!

If you already have a company in mind that you want to pursue, Best Wishes and Much Success. If you would like to view a few TESTIMONIALS that I have collected, or do some of your own DUE DILIGENCE, please be my guest.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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6 thoughts on “Is Your Network Marketing Company Your Wife or Your Mistress?

    1. I can respect that Marquita, I have just seen the Good, Bad, and Ugly within this industry and I protect my team members and take them from a place of Imprisonment to a level of Empowerment, as best I can.


    Hi Tony,

    This a very clever analogy using Wife and Mistress, verses Bells and Whistles
    and legitimate Network marketing companies. If you marry a wonderful, stable,
    reliable, nurturing wife (or husband) there are no guarantees but following your 7 points of stability makes a great difference. I have
    heard so many people in the network marketing industry who get stung because a
    company goes under or bankrupt. There are hundreds of thousands of companies,
    so I agree with you completely about doing your homework and taking the time to
    research the 7 points to consider when deciding which company you want to “marry.”
    At least there is a better chance for success, just as much as spending the
    time to learn who your “future mate” is before taking the plunge.

    Your chosen company is Body by Vi. I have several friends who market this
    company. I’ve heard good things and obviously it has met your 7
    characteristics! I’m glad you are happy with your choice and I wish you continued success!


    Better With Than Without

    Long Term Vision

    Giving Back


    Financial Future

    Stability and Freedom

    Thanks for  sharing.

    Raena Lynn

    1. Thanks for noticing Raena, I can truly say that after looking at 23 companies and waiting 4 years to get back into Network Marketing… I truly chose an awesome “mate” and now.

      I am just going to be sharing all of my leadership strategies to help as many people physically and financially – IN THAT ORDER, or as my friend would say helping the world get “Skinny and Rich!”

  2. Great post Tony – well composed. I am “happily married” but if I wasn’t I might have had a look at your “spouse” hahaha !
    Good luck,

  3. This is so true Tony! If only people would realize that just like mistresses, glitter and gold, and get rich quick marketing strategies don't last. The ones there for the long haul require dedication, loyalty and work. Just like a marriage it is wise to do your homework before joining. The grass may be greener on the other side but you still gotta mow it.

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