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Why Network Marketing Is On The Rise

I am convinced that for someone wanting to start a business without hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars at their disposal there is nothing that comes close to Multi-Level or Network marketing. As a business model nothing has so much potential with so little start-up costs. Nothing else has so much of the business process taken care of by someone else without any expenditures on their part.

Most Network marketing companies take care of many things that small businesses normally have to take care of themselves. Here are some of the things that the companies take care of for their distributors.

  • In the past some Network Marketing companies required their distributors to warehouse their products. With the modern methods of communications (such as properly using social media to gain Facebook and Twitter Business and shipping possibilities this is no longer so for most companies.
  • Since most Network Marketers don’t have to warehouse product they also don’t have to worry about product delivery. This means that they can sell product to a much larger market. They are not limited to the area where they live.
  • Billing and accounts receivable is also take care of by the company. While the distributor will loose his commission on product that becomes bad debt, the collection of the debt is the responsibility of the company.
  • Many of the legal issues of the business are handled by the company. Each distributor is, of course, responsible for his actions, but legal issues concerning the product and many other legal issues are the responsibility of the company.

These things are major expenses to small businesses. It is a real advantage to have these issues dealt with by someone else.

Here is a video that may put things in perspective that you didn’t even know about Network Marketing

Another great advantage of Network Marketing is the cost of starting your business. Franchises can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars just to buy the franchise. Traditional businesses will cost thousands of dollars at a minimum to get started not to mention all other expenses like equipment, product, business licenses, etc.

At present you can get started in the Network Marketing that I promote have a very passive model that allows a promoter to; not only get their initial startup costs back within a week best case, a month worst case, but allow your Autoship (monthly requirement  to get paid disappear in the same time frame, FOREVER! Quite a contrast with traditional business and franchises, isn’t? In other types of business it usually takes years.

There are other advantages that are just as important. How about time freedom. Don’t misunderstand, Network Marketing is work, especially in the beginning. The advantage is that you have much more freedom concerning when you work.

There are some serious problems with Network Marketing also. I would be less than honest if I didn’t mention them. The biggest of these is the misconceptions concerning the business. It is often presented as a get-rich-quick opportunity. There are a few who seem to find overnight success but the rest of the story is usually left out. Most of those who seem to be overnight successes had a large network of people who respected their business advice.

Another problem is that many are still teaching antiquated methods of building a Network Marketing business. They still teach a system that requires going after friends and families that are probably not the least bit interested in their own business.

These problems can be overcome with proper teaching. If we present Network Marketing as a real business that must be run as a business and not as a hobby we will recruit serious people who will have a good chance of success. That is how to build team stability and longevity.

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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