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4 Fast and Easy Ways To Stay Fit

Ever really wondered why you signed up for that gym membership and you don’t use it? Or here’s a good one, do you ever think about what cosmic events need to take place in order for you to have the time to Get Fit or Get in Shape?  Don’t worry, you are not alone in your thinking. This is just an area where you have to want it.

We will accomplish this in 4 Fast & Easy Ways!
Here we go:

1.) Scheduling Time: Like anything else… if you don’t make time for it, it doesn’t get done. Anything that is important to you you make note of it. More than just a mental note that you will plan your meals or plan you your workout time. This is very key because planning your meals keep you from succumbing to the pressures of fast food, dumb dieting, or sad snacking.

2. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: THIS ONE IS HUGE! I think this one thing is paramount when considering a real estate transaction; so is it when it comes to your health and exercise. Working out at your place of employment is a great perk, but are you really going to work there for the rest of your active life? What about days off? Are you going to go to work on your day off, just to work out? For most of us that is not possible or practical.

If your health club or fitness center is within 10 min of your home you are 7 times more likely to stay a regular. If you work out time 30-45 min and you roundtrip travel time is more than that, it becomes unlikely and impractical that you will have successful attendance.

3. Manage Your Fitness Goals: Small Victories build confidence for bigger victories. Checkpoints are great and keep you motivated. If you have 100 pounds to lose an idea might be to draw out a “100lb” progress thermometer on a poster as always keep your goal in sight and manageable. You can’t manage something you don’t monitor.

4. Join A Recreational Team: Most Companies or Organizations have city league softball, flag football, there are even leagues that are bring back kickball. Yes, that is right KICKBALL! I am not sure if we are in the midst of The Great Dodgeball Revival that is about to sweep the country, but if it does just remember it was always the heavy kids that got picked on, just saying. So let’s take these tips and keep you out of the cross hairs, make sense?

All of these things will aid you greatly in your fight against any latent onset of obesity where your BMI exceeds 30; which would have you clinically obese because you would be over 30 pounds for your body type. Take the chance to make the choice, to make the change in your circumstances!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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3 thoughts on “4 Fast and Easy Ways To Stay Fit

  1. Tony,
    I think the biggest hurdle for me is the time factor. Now, I know it’s my well-being and my time, but…

    You are so right about  working out for 30 to 45 minutes and having a 30 minute drive either way. It’s just not going to happen.

    But, to break a plateau, break a sweat. (I just made that up.)

    Thanks for your insights.


    1. Thanks Rick,

      I definitely don’t regurgitate a lot of stuff out there, this is something that I just had to learn myself, firsthand. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hey Tony! 

    I love the simple and easy 4 step process you so elegantly explain here. These are not just simple steps, but more like guidelines for everything you do. 

    This crosses over in everything and I bet you can take it even further into actually eating habits. 

    I Love It! Keep up the good work.


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