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Month: June 2011

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Everyone has heard the cliche, "TEAM means TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE". I am a firm believer in that, but what makes a GOOD TEAM? So I got to thinking about my own team of internet marketers; the marketing business as a whole, what is the internet and the role it plays in marketing, marketing plans, or even a marketing strategy. Then I remembered that it takes teamwork to make the dream work....
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Nine Networker Newbie “No-No’s”

I have learned that in life, "Common Sense is common only to those who have sense". The way the "those" in that last sentence have sense  or gain sense, is through experience and practical application of what they see and observe. These mistakes are often ones of attitude, missed judgment calls, or misinformation. So let's take a "Common Sense" look at Nine Networker Newbie "No-No's": 1.) I...
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Marketing Strategy: Planning, Tips, & Examples

What is a marketing strategy?  Is that the same thing as your marketing plan?  In short, No. Your marketing strategy is one of the most important pieces of your overall marketing plan for your business.  What?!  You don’t have a marketing plan?  Whether you have a network marketing business, e-commerce, or brick and mortar, your marketing needs to be in place and at the forefront of your mind b...
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