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Feeding America: Choices, Chances, and Circumstances

When it comes to clichés, I think I am right there with you when you say that you have heard them all and they are often overused. If I actually had to pick out 3 that were the most relevant and  reality-based than anything else they would have to be: (1) You are defined by the choices you make, (2) You are what you eat, and (3) Once you know better then you have a responsibility to do better. Never has these three been more evident when it comes to our world’s health and nutrition, in this day and age.

CHOICES: This is the one where I get a little flack from everyone when I share. Simply put we are defined by the choices we make. Obviously, we are not always responsible for what happens to us but we are responsible for the way we CHOOSE to respond. No one gets healthy or wealthy on accident. I tried. This only happens when you make a concerted effort to choose to eat better. We are bombarded with commercials, on the radio during drivetime, TV during family time, and even on our Facebook Home page during our downtime; and unfortunately it is sometimes we make the choices we do because we are flat out of time!

CHANCES: Given the chance, most of us quite possibly would choose to eat better, because I am pretty sure if you asked anyone who was morbidly obese (barring any physical limitation caused by a  medical condition), they wouldn’t tell you that this was a dream of theirs since childhood – Nightmare would be more like it. In actuality, if honest they would admit that when they were given they chance to choose what they wanted to eat as an adult or even a teen, they didn’t seize the chance to make the right choices, evidently living out the cliché, You are what you eat!

CIRCUMSTANCES:Now that we know better we must do better, NO EXCUSES; although I am sure if we searched hard enough we could find plenty. Quite frankly, I am not buying them. NO SALE! We must eat better if we wanna be better. Cars need fuel and so do we. Speaking of which, if your car requires 93 octane are you going to give it diesel or 89. If you did that, what would happen to your car? Guess what? It is happening to our bodies and the bodies of the ones we know, love, and care about. We have a responsibility. This is one of the many things that I take seriously as a Ocean Avenue Promoter and as a father and a husband! I believe it is actually a cause that is slowly becoming a movement. I would love for your to be a part of it and join with me to fight this war of against OBESITY and the war against the malnourished children and low-income or poverty stricken children whose food is Nutritionally Bankrupt!

So I will leave you with one more cliché: “If you are not part of the solutions, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!”  We can be part of the solution together, If we don’t properly feed America, starting with ourselves, what kind of America will we have now, and in the future? Join Me, or are you going to remain part of the problem? Choices, Chances and Circumstances also lead to Consequences!

I hope you found value in today’s post and I look forward to receiving your comments and connecting with you.

Talk to you soon!

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