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Feeding America: Choices, Chances, and Circumstances

When it comes to clichés, I think I am right there with you when you say that you have heard them all and they are often overused. If I actually had to pick out 3 that were the most relevant and  reality-based than anything else they would have to be: (1) You are defined by the choices you make, (2) You are what you eat, and (3) Once you know better then you have a responsibility to do better. Nev...
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Too Old To Hire or Too Young To Retire? NOT!

As being part of the Baby Boomers, you did everything right! And By Everything, I mean EVERYTHING! You "kept your nose clean"; joined all of the right networking groups; earned plenty of rewards; pledged your undying loyalty to Fortune 500 companies; trained, developed, oversaw, and managed countless thousands; weathered the storm with your company thru it's economic hardships - even though you...
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5 Hot Tips For Weight Loss Management

Ever catch yourself wishing that you had time to EAT RIGHT? Or better yet, time to EAT!? Well, to be direct, you are going to have to make time! One of two things will ultimately happen: (1) You will make time to eat right and manage your weight or  (2) You will have to take time to go to the doctor... the choice is yours. You decide. I, for one, know the importance of getting Great Nutritio...
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