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9 Tips for Starting a Business While You’re Still Employed

Some or all of these may work for you and your situation… So Let’s Make It Happen

Most new entrepreneurs keep their job until their new venture is established and generates enough income to pay the bills. But launching your own enterprise before you quit your job isn’t easy.

While you juggle a job and a new business, keep the following advice in mind:

Put Your Job First

Always remember that until you hand in your resignation, your job comes first. Before moving ahead with your business plans, make sure you understand the responsibilities and work hours involved in running the type of business that you’re planning to open.

Hire Help

If your business demands your attention during your work hours, find a business partner or hire an employee who is available to manage your new company while you’re working.

Balance Your Time

When considering businesses that mesh with your current work schedule, look into an Internet-based company such as an eBay store. You can take care of most of your responsibilities before work, after work and on days off. Or consider a business such as dog-sitting, which you can operate only on weekday evenings and weekends while you’re still employed.

Tell Your Employer

If you think your employer will be receptive, tell your employer that you’re starting your own business. That will make it easier to talk to your supervisor about changing your work schedule if you need more flexible hours.

Use Your Own Equipment

Never use your employer’s phones, computers or other equipment or supplies for business related to your own company. If you don’t have a smartphone, invest in one now. Use it during breaks at your job to answer e-mail and make phone calls related to your own business.

Work on Weekends

Try to meet on weekends with suppliers, potential employees and other people related to your new company. That will help you avoid potential conflicts with your work hours. Avoid the temptation to meet with people before work. Traffic jams and other unpredictable delays can make you late for your job.

Prepare Your Family

Prepare your family for the prospect that you’ll be working on your new venture on weekends and into the evenings on some weeknights.

Be Patient

Stay focused on your job while you’re at work. You may need that job longer than you expect. You can’t predict how long it will take to get your new venture on its feet…

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