‘Tis The Season

So let me say that this article is not going to be for those people that may have already started celebrating Christmas and skipped Thanksgiving; with Christmas trees up, or various other decorations that speak towards the ideation or commercialization of Christmas, as opposed to what it was first meant to be. There’s not anything wrong with …

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Easy as 3-4-5?

What if I told you that “3x4x5” may equal “60” in a math class, but should be “90”, in your professional world? I have often heard that age old adage, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” How are we to make sense of this conclusion of Aristotle? Well, I have a professional take on …

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5 Things That You Must Stop & Do For Your Health

Have you ever caught yourself realizing or wishing that you had time to EAT RIGHT? Or better yet, TIME TO EAT!? Well, to be direct, you are going to have to make time! One of two things will ultimately happen: (1) You will make time to eat right and manage your health or  (2) You will …

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